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[toogle title=”Can I bring my child into the studio while I get tattooed?”] NO! We have a policy of not allowing children or pushchairs into the studio as they can cause a noise nusance and break things… Our staff are also very busy and do not get paid for child minding! [/toogle] [toogle title=”Is food or drink allowed into the studio?”] Yes, you may eat and drink in our waiting area, though it is not allowed in the treatment rooms.[/toogle] [toogle title=”Can I send my design to you via email?”] Yes, and with in reason as we will need to know the exact size and location of the tattoo, it is best that you visit the studio [/toogle] [toogle title=”I came by car, is there any parking facilaties near you?”] There is a large Sainsburies car park 5minutes down the road and parking sometimes on the side roads, there is though a 30minute time outside the shop.[/toogle] [toogle title=”Can I combine session vouchers when ringing to make an appointment?”] Yes you can, please read all the instructions in the email you received when you bought your voucher.[/toogle] [toogle title=”I’ve bought an extra voucher by mistake or used the wrong email and had to order another!”] Please notify us by either phoning our studio or my email and we will refund you the wrong voucher.[/toogle] [toogle title=”I don’t have a Paypal account, can i still buy vouchers from your store?”] No, To keep our store protected from fraudulant transactions and to stop buyers claiming their money back after a voucher has been redeemed, you will need to have a Paypal account.[/toogle] [toogle title=”I’m having trouble downloading a flash set I have bought from your store?”] There are instructions in your transaction email reguarding the downloading of large files using a download accelerator.[/toogle]


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