Information » Piercing Aftercare

Common Sense

Avoid playing and cleaning with your fingers as this could lead to infection or cause your piercing to migrate which could also cause loss of skin and/or scaring.
Never use any chemical based cleaning solutions like Surgical Spirit or TCP as this can aggravate your skin and cause chemical burns which could also lead to loss of skin.

External piercing

(Naval, eyebrow, lip, nose and ears, etc)
We recommend cleaning with a saline solution (salt water ) for at least twice a day with a cotton bud. Your naval piercing should be cleaned with salt water or saline solution only.

If you have been pierced for a while and have been cleaning your piercing with salt water and you now find that your skin is getting red and chapped, try cutting down on the amount of salt you have been adding to your solution or if you have been using a sterile packed saline solution then change to cleaning your piercing with cooled boiled water.

Tongue piercings

should be rinsed twice a day with a diluted antiseptic mouthwash, Minimum would be one part mouthwash to one part water. Failure to do so could cause a chemical burn and discolouration of the taste buds.Your mouth is always full of bactieria, drink plenty of water and avoid spicy foods and/or alcohol at least until the swelling goes down.


are commonly caused by over healing or pressure. They start as a small redish, painless extra bit of skin formed around the exterior hole of a piercing, They will eventualy shrink back down if kept clean, with the exception of the ear cartallage if wrongly pierced.
Ear cartalage should never be pierced with an ear piercing gun as the cartalage can shatter and would cause prolonged healing and nerve damage, Piercing with the proper gauged needles would cause less uncomfort and the right sized hole for your jewelry.