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[togglebox title=”Will the sun fade my tattoo?”]Yes, The sun will fade any ink displayed in the sun for long enough. Just look at the billboard posters for example where all the colours are sun-bleached and faded![/togglebox] [togglebox title=”How much is a medium tattoo?”]Anyone ring up or asking in the studio for a medium size tattoo will either get ignored or laughed at![/togglebox] [togglebox title=”How big is a medium tattoo?”] Yours and ours idea of a medium tattoo will greatly differ![/togglebox] [togglebox title=”How much is writing?”]We have lettering(fonts) which you can choose from at a minumum of £5 each letter, though we do have a minumum charge of £30.
We can also freehand writing for you for a charge of the whole thing instead of each letter etc.[/togglebox] [togglebox title=”When would be the best time for a big tattoo?”]We do appointments during the week where you have to leave a 50% deposit of your desired tattoo, this can be booked for the whole day if needed.
Our walk-in day(Saturday) which is first come first served, depending on the size of the tattoo, you will only be seen for one hour, else you will have to be booked in for an appointment.[/togglebox] [togglebox title=”How do I book an appointment?”]You will need to visit our studio in order to make an appointment as you will need to leave a 50% deposit.
You can book a session over the phone via a session voucher bought from our online store.[/togglebox] [togglebox title=”How long will my tattoo take to heal?”]Everyone is different when healing, depending on how you look after your new tattoo will depend on how long it will take to heal.
We have an extensive aftercare page on how to care for your tattoo.[/togglebox] [togglebox title=”Can I bring my own design to you to tattoo?”]Yes, you can even bring the messiest of doodles! We will try to encourage you to be unique about your design and placement, we will also redraw and enhance your doodle for you!
Having your own design either drawn up for you will make it more unique to you…[/togglebox] [togglebox title=”Do you do Henna tattoos?”]NO! Though we can do the Mehindi Henna designs as a permanent tattoo![/togglebox] [togglebox title=”Will my tattoo stretch when i get bigger from the gym?”]Your tattoo will grow with you and in some cases it will, just like when you loose weight your tattoo will shrink a little, though you will need to gain or loose excessive weight to notice any difference
More often enough your tattoo will also fade a little.[/togglebox] [togglebox title=”What is the minimum charge?”]Because we have lettering starting from £5 does not mean you will get it tattooed for £5!
We have a minimum charge of £30 and an hourly rate of £80.[/togglebox] [togglebox title=”I’ve had a tattoo done by another local tattoo studio which needs either redoing, covering up or added to, can you help?”]Most of the time we can, but as we usualy get on with our neighouring studios we would recomend going back and asking them to fix it, usualy they should’nt charge you depending on poor aftercare, As we did not do the work in the first place you will get charged the whole price of the tattoo.
Most of the time we do not touch artwork by another artist..[/togglebox] [togglebox title=”What should I do before getting a tattoo?”]Being prepared for a tattoo is vital, be it your first time or not.
Wear comforable clothing and or anything that you don’t mind getting ink on! (We will not be responsable for getting ink on your new Ed Hardy!!)
Have something to eat and drink beforehand, you will be more calm and relaxed sitting comfortably getting tattooed than laying on the floor passed out on an empty stomach! Pain killers can help to a certain degree but DO NOT take anything with asprin in as it will thin your blood and you will bleed alot more than usual, producing a washed/faded tattoo when healed.
Drop any attitudes when you walk into the studio, last thing you want is to piss of the artist who is going to inflict pain on you!![/togglebox] [togglebox title=”How old do I have to be to get tattooed?”]The current law in the UK for tattooing is strictly 18 years old, We will not tattoo anyone asking if they have parental consent or a parent present.

As a requirement we use consent forms for everyone we tattoo or pierce, which are kept for five years for legal reasons.[/togglebox] [togglebox title=”Can you remove or cover tattoos?”]We currently can not remove tattoos, though we can recomend a good local laser clinic.
We can to a certain degree cover tattoos, depending on the tattoo to be covered.[/togglebox] [togglebox title=”Can you tattoo hands, necks or faces?”]We have a shop policy of not tattooing hands or necks unless you are a dedicated collector of tattoos. i.e. you will not get your hand tattooed if it is your first one..
We definately do not tattoo faces, only in some circumstances, though we do beauty spots for our minimum charge.[/togglebox] [togglebox title=”Can I get tattooed while pregnant?”]No we don’t tattoo or pierce pregnant women, as any trauma from receiving a tattoo or piercing might also reflect on your babys health, even if your breast feeding[/togglebox] [togglebox title=”I’m 18 but only have a 16+ oyster card as proof or a birth certificate will u except that or if i bring a letter of consent?”] No sorry, You would need to prove the ID is yours via photo ID, Passport or driving licence is required as they are least to be fraudulant or someone elses.[/togglebox] [togglebox title=”I suffer from acne on my back and want a large tattoo (or tattoos) to cover the scar tissue?”]Tattooing over acne scar tissue can be done but it really depends on how old the scar tissue is, we will not tattoo over active eruptions as this can be painful and you will loose most of the ink applied to that area.
If however the scar tissue is over a year old then no problem, all scar tissue can be tattooed over so long as its healed enough, fresh scar tissue doesn’t tend to hold the ink very well and you could end up with blotches of ink after time.

I’ve learnt that laser would be more beneficial for prolonging any more eruptions and tends to break down any antibodies under the skin, rather than tattooing ink into a highly sensitive area which could result in a reaction to certain colour pigments.[/togglebox] [top]