Guest Artists

Artists who worked at InKeys past and present…

[testimonial img=”” by=”Jacob Greenah”]

Worked at: 21st Century Tattoo – Time Bomb – House of the living art – London Ink – Jacks Tattoo – Fat Tats – Tattoo World – InKeys

Contact Me: MySpace – Facebook

[/testimonial] [break] [testimonial img=”” by=”Matthew houston”]

Worked at: Sydenham Tattoos – Electro Lady Lux – Gastown Tattoo Parlor – InKeys – Squid Ink

Contact Me: Facebook

[/testimonial] [break] [testimonial img=”” by=”Terry Cox”]

Worked at: Ravens Nest – GB Tattoos – Sydenham Tattoos – InKeys – Jesters

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Worked at: GB Tattoos – Sydenham Tattoos – InKeys –

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