Minimum charge: £30
Hourly rate(Session): £80
Whole Day(6 hours): £480

We do NOT take appointments or give quotes over the phone, you will need to visit the studio and leave a 50% deposit of your desired tattoo or appointed time to make an appointment during the week, We do a walk-in day on Saturdays.


Ear: £10 - £15 w-needle
Tragus: £20
Nose: £15
Lip: £35
Tongue: £35
Nipple: £25 - £40 for both
Belly: £30 - £25 with ring
Eyebrow: £25
Industrial/Scaffold: £25
Surface/Dermal Anchoring: from £30

There is a surcharge of £20 if you supply your own jewelry which covers the cost of cleaning, sterilizing and materials used. If you have any questions regarding piercings you can use our contact form or phone the studio.

Laser Removal/Fading

Prices may vary after a free consultation, Depending on the size, colour and age of the tattoo, will depend on the overall price for a set amount of sessions quoted until the tattoo is removed.

Average session price: £60

We cannot give consultations over the phone!

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